Taking the first steps to become better

by juliusmsanz

Let me tell you something, throughout a series of events yesterday, I came onto something amazing. Well, not really. I was watching a sports movie, you know the ones, the kind that gets you motivated and makes you feel good at the end, and it got me to watch a bunch of motivational vids.

You know the new year always has its effects on people and makes them try to do something or commit to something they didn’t think possible. Last  year I tried to quit smoking, it didn’t work. But why didn’t it work? Why am I still smoking every day? Because I simply can’t commit to it, I lie and tell myself I have tons of stuff to do and that I need that smoke to make me go through the motions. And I know I’m lying.

And now you’re asking why this has anything to do with a writing blog.

It has everything to do with it.

While I’m not yet ready to commit to quit, I’m fully committed to write because I found out that I can do that without a problem and it will make me better in the long-term scheme of things.

You see I’m what you can call a failed writer, I wrote two books and neither sold anything worthwhile, in fact they barely sold. I look back and I see all the mistakes I made, all the little things that beginners fail to realize and are unwilling to correct. But what every writer knows deep down is that there are two fundamental skills you must have to be able to succeed. I spent some time outside writing, wondering where I failed and what would I need to do to improve.

What I found out was that I needed not only motivation but also determination and work ethic.

I made the rookie mistake of thinking that inspiration was the key to success, that somehow it would all come to me. It made me lazy, it made me depend on outside factors. How foolish was I? You have to grind and work and push yourself to the limits, but mostly you have to care.

The result is that now I care and I’m taking the initiative by writing this first post.

To write better you have to do just that: care, commit and take the reins.

And so, with this blog, I’ll do just that and give plenty of tips and strategies to improve one’s writing. Starting tomorrow I’ll rant about the first mistakes one can make and how to correct them.