Why books have potential to be better – Part 1

by juliusmsanz

Yesterday I promised to make a comparative study concerning books and other forms of media.

Today I realize that maybe I bit more than I can chew. I wonder if I can defend a book’s honor?

I remember a while ago I read that the video game is a great source of immersion because you get to choose, especially in horror games, what you want to see and what you want to face. I agreed right on the spot. Despite being a writer I’m a huge fan of the visual. I love movies, I love manga, I love games. What can you do with these? You are presented not only with story but also the ability to visualise what is going on.

Movies come in third place because they don’t show you what’s inside the minds of the characters, and in my personal opinion that is a major thing. As writers and readers we know all too well about the show, don’t tell. But movies do that ad nauseam and depend too much on its actors. If an actor doesn’t do something we tend to not notice and, most times, if the movie is an adaptation, we as readers and as viewers miss much of what in the story told in grand detail.

Yeah, books can afford to be much more introspective and I enjoy very much that aspect. I like to know and think about what’s going on the characters mind. Films can’t give you that. They can try, but often with mediocre results. And in my view it’s because since we are seeing the action we tend to dismiss those lines, it’s not that immersive. But when you are reading a book it’s a more personal experience, you think, or at least I do, that this character is showing something to me, not just doing it out of theatrics, it’s trying to convey a personal message. I don’t know, maybe I get too involved.

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Take The Game of Thrones for example, how many scenes were left out and rearranged and internal monologues were completely forgotten about? Plenty. So if you are enjoying the series go ahead and read the books, you’ll get to know more characters and more background and truly get the magnitude of the universe of A Song of Ice and Fire. The tv series is amazing, but the books tell you much more.

And wow, I’m going to have to split this post into at least one more part. Sorry about that, but this is it for today. I plan to go a bit more in-depth in the following parts in the next couple of days.

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