Isn’t that cute… BUT IT’S WRONG!

by juliusmsanz

Now I’m making references to cartoon shows, never thought I’d go there to create a title.

So what am I talking about?

I could apply it to many things but today I want to talk about something that can happen to an aspiring writer. I botched a story a few years ago. It was supposed to be set within one night, featuring multiple points of view, it was supposed to be great. I wanted to talk about plenty of things and needed to fit in others within the narrative. Needless to say it went nowhere.


Because I wanted to make the story bigger than it actually was. I’m not that kind of writer and it wasn’t that kind of story. And why did I do that? Why do I see so many people trying to create huge stories and make novels? It seems that the book market today exists only for three different lengths: the flash fiction, the short story and the novel.

Got news for ya: there’s also the novella and the novelette. Those two are longer than the short story but shorter than the novel.

Why do I say this? You see, that story is in the draft pile, still only half done because I felt discouraged, I wanted to write a novel. Wasn’t that cute? Yeah, it was wrong too. You don’t have to write a novel if the concept doesn’t allow it. You overextend yourself and you overextend your story, making everything worse in the process, and you end up with an average work at best. It’s like the story and the plot have to be more complicated. Why? Why does anybody feel the need to do that? Maybe it’s because we’ve just grown accustomed to the novel format, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other alternatives.

Learn from my mistake, don’t try to make your story something it is not. Don’t feel you have to give in and make your story worse just to fit the standards set by others.

That is all for today. Sorry about the rant, don’t know if it happened to anybody else. See you again tomorrow!