The power of dreams

by juliusmsanz

I had the craziest dream yesterday.

In an underwater cave there were dozens of cages with lions and lionesses, the water was filling up the place and ended up killing them all while some tried to attack me. The cave was then drained in a second. Investigating the matter further with other inspectors or policemen we found out there were even more lion corpses filling up the place.

Now that’s what I call wild.

I won’t ever use it in a story, so feel free to go with it if you want to.

Why am I writing about the power of dreams?

I won’t write on meaning or even attempt to discuss them, but I’ll tell you that they can bring out some good in your storytelling. Obviously they can be a pretty good source of inspiration. I’m a big defender that dedication is better than inspiration and will get you further down the line, but sometimes one dream can give you a pretty good idea to start-up a story. I keep a dream journal; only the best, and this qualifies as one, get to be a part of it. What my dream journal does is give me ideas, makes me consider things I never thought possible. When I was in highschool I had one dream I tried to convert into a story. I developed it and stretched it and gave it the meaning I thought adequate. I think I still have that story somewhere, it gave me some good 10 to 20 pages I think. It’s not that good, but it was fun. It makes you stretch your horizons.

Now I don’t know if any other writers consider this process, let’s call it that, but it once saved me while I was stuck in a rut. One thing I seem to dream about often is trains, I love trains, and while I haven’t written about it yet I might make a couple of mentions about them and even feature them in my next story. So yeah, this is the topic for today.

Can you work with your dreams? Are you able to feature a bus journey filled with rebels to free a school from its dictatorial regime, only to have them be on a beach having fun later and then fight a random attacker in the middle of the night inside your car on the way back?

You should definitely try to work with the crazy concepts your mind has to offer. Use your dreams to the best of your abilities. It might not lead to an amazing story but at least it will make you a better writer, working with the bad and weird hands you’ve been dealt with.

What do you dream of? Can you write about it?

See you again tomorrow