Planting the seeds

by juliusmsanz

My previous post was all about writing and creating the conditions to get the job done.

While I try to stay positive and give advice, I know that sometimes those words just won’t come out. We all had slumps. Maybe you don’t know how to close your story yet, maybe you are playing with too many different ideas and need to take a break from your story, maybe you just don’t want to face that monster again for a couple of days.

That’s all good.

Just don’t think you need to stop writing in general, or do something productive to improve your writing skills. If you aren’t working with a deadline you can relax and do something else.

But what can I do? That story is all I’m working on, I focused all my effort into it.

You have to plant the seeds.

And what the hell is that? What is planting the seeds?

My friend, you reap what you sow.

It’s good to focus on one story, but isn’t that a bit of a waste? You can certainly think about characters and settings and plots while you are taking a break from your story. It’s a win-win situation. During one of my slumps I kept thinking about the plot, that rarely works because you don’t distance yourself enough from your story, you can’t figure out what’s wrong because you’re not being objective. So taking a break means you won’t make your story any worse that it already is. Not that I’m saying your stories are terrible, but if you’re stuck chances are it’s not going good.

While in your break you can relax by thinking about new characters and work around them. You can create different plots and narrative devices to work with. You can read and watch TV and imagine new settings. No time is wasted if you can channel it towards something you can use in the future. Because that’s what you are going to do in a recent future. By the time you decide it’s time to move on and work on a new story you’ll already have plenty of material to work with. Over are the hours where you need to think about characters for your new story, or think about the setting, or think about the lot and how it will all fit.

I have a female spy I created a couple of months ago. I don’t know when I’ll use her, but at least I have her saved up for a rainy day. I have plenty of other characters and ideas I’ve been working over the years that I can use when the time comes.

Do not restrict yourself, don’t think that you have to give 100% to just one story every day. Even if you are super focused and extremely goal driven you are going to burn yourself out sooner or later.

By working on your ideas and putting them on paper you are setting yourself up for success, you are planning your future and, this is just a personal view of mine, showing how much of a smart writer you are.

That is all for today, see you tomorrow!