Expanding horizons

by juliusmsanz

Don’t you feel a bit restricted when your writing?

I’m sure many will say no, but today I had one thought and it suddenly a lot changed in my writing.

I like reading comics, I read western comics and eastern comics, I like to read manga a lot, and sometimes wondered about one very simple thing: aren’t literary genres a bit closed?


realA story about some troubled teens centered around wheelchair basketball and their struggles as they try to live their dreams. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever read in my entire life, kid you not.

The thing with american comics and european comics is this: you have a conflict between good and evil, you have superheroes and super villains, you have good prevailing and evil being defeated. When I read japanese manga my mind was blown. And why? Because they can work with almost every topic and create something out of it. I’ve read some pretty outlandish stuff and feel surprised when I don’t see that sort of mentality in the West. I know I wrote before about how all ideas have been taken or worked with, but now I look at things in a different perspective. What if we are just working and considering things the wrong way?

Why aren’t more ideas or more concepts and scenarios worked around with? Is it that the readers don’t like it? Is it that publishers are too close minded? Or is it us, the writers, who won’t push the envelope?

I have a story that I’m working on and it falls into the typical category. It’s not that crazy, it doesn’t feature an odd topic, I’m not writing about something, or working with a formula, that I feel will push the envelope in that way. In the future I’ll definitely try it. I don’t want to stick to a formula.

Tell me: have you honestly ever tried this?

If the japanese can find a market for it, and tell an interesting story using images and text, why can’t we do the same with books?

Don’t forget to expand your horizons!

See you tomorrow