Wrong target

by juliusmsanz

I don’t know if many people consider this, but I found myself reading some very interesting articles that put certain things into perspective.

Are you writing for the right people?

Sometimes we may have some very interesting stories and just can’t get people to read them or understand them. I did that mistake often. When you are writing a story there are multiple phases. You have the planning and researching phase, you have your outlining stage, your character creation stage, it’s all very nice. When you are writing you do just that, you write.

But here’s the thing: you can make a crucial mistake and find yourself throwing that great work down the bin.

Look at the demographics man!

I tried to write a story targeted to teenagers, in the middle I found myself realising that they would never read that garbage. And it was such a good story too.

If you are writing you need to make sure that not only your theme, but also your language and setting are familiar to the people you want reading the story. It sounds pretty basic I’m sure of it. But when you are marketing your story and find out it’s barely getting read, then you might understand it. Every genre, every setting, every theme has a demographic, if you don’t understand that niche group you’re targeting then you won’t have nearly as much success as you could have. Understand your target audience.

So know you’re saying that you write like you want to, and I feel you, I do, however you need to be aware of these things.

Do you know who might be reading your story? Do you know what they are expecting? Can you talk about things that are in their interests? You can’t write about college and expect grade students to understand it, you can’t write about office politics of CEO’s and wait for rave reviews from poor women. Maybe the last one was a bit farfetched, but I’m sure you understand what I mean. Use those complicated concepts and you’ve lost their interest.

Yeah, you’re writing that great story, but focus on who’s going to read it, focus on the niches you know you can conquer. I’ve said before that writing is an exhausting job, it’s true, so conserve your ammo and don’t waste your bullets.

That is all for today, see you again tomorrow!