Don’t forget to learn

by juliusmsanz

I would have never picked up books about statistics, or physics, or anything related to sciences a couple of years back.

You could suggest them and I would laugh.


I read everything I can about pretty much anything. It’s easy to forget about these things, it feels better to be comfortable. I lost track of all the chances I had to learn something new and exciting just because I felt lazy. You should never stop learning new things, you never know when you might have to use that knowledge. It can be great for your next story or a real life situation. I know we all have complicated lives, some of us have mouths to feed and dull, boring jobs that consume most of our time, however we can, and should, always find the time to read about something. I’m working as a tutor at the moment, it’s close to my area of expertise, and I get to keep my mind fresh with all those difficult subjects. I feel smarter and more knowledgeable every day. It pains me to see that all these young guys see learning as a chore or something uninteresting and useless, it’s the complete opposite.

Learn something new, improve yourself, tread on uncharted waters, you’ll enjoy the ride and get something out of it in return!

Short post, nothing about writing, expect the polar opposite tomorrow!

Have a nice day!