A few thoughts about writing

by juliusmsanz

I’ve been posting nearly everyday about writing because I feel very passionate about it.

Books, comic books, films, games… all these things get me going and make me think about possible stories, get me to reconsider a few ideas, all are very good media for aspiring writers and even veterans. I’ve said before that it’s very difficult to write about something new, and sometimes you just need to get some kickstart to get your engine going. I’m a very visual person, that’s what I got to know about myself these past years. I can’t, and I know this is going to sound ridiculous, write about a character if I don’t see it. My everyday life serves as inspiration, I feed on interesting ideas and concepts that come along the day, and while most of them fail to produce good results, they give me something to consider about. I’ve thought about several characters and stories just by reading manga, so I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

I don’t have nearly as much time as I want to and I’ve decided to place some limitations upon myself, for example I cannot remember the last time I turned on my tv, so I don’t get to have that much fun, but I still do what I can to keep on going.

My first writing experience was a monumental failure and made me realise a bunch of things. You’ll laugh but I thought you just had to write a book and you’d be famous and have hundreds and thousands buy your book. I thought that publishers cared, and more often that not, they don’t. I thought I didn’t have to review, seriously work on it, my book, and I told critics to, well, you know. When I got nothing I cried. And there’s nothing wrong about crying either. I told you already I thought about quitting. Man, what a fool I was. I didn’t even consider my readers or if my writing suited them. I knew nothing and thought I was going to be a big shot. It was that bad, but that failure forced me to grow. If you are passionate you will find a way to persevere. It’s too bad that learning the ropes can make you suffer so much.

Now I find myself giving out tips, hope they’re helping, to make sure people don’t make the same mistakes I did. My writing still isn’t that special, it can be improved, and I work at it every chance I’ve got. I still find myself lacking that true urgency to get a new story out, and I study and work and develop my craft. Wow, this is turning into such a happy, hopeful post. If only you knew how my true writing sessions are…

Still, I love to write. I love working around ideas and creating interesting three-dimensional characters, I think that if you are in this for the long haul you must love what you are doing. There are few things I feel very attached to, but writing is on the top of the list. It’s a fun experience.

Getting published however is a very different game, so my advice in this aspect, and to give some proper meaning to this post, is this: only try to get published after you’ve had some experience. What do I mean by experience? You need to bring your A game, and to do that you need to write a lot of stories, a lot of flash fiction, a lot of short stories, a lot of everything. You’ll have lots of B, C, even D and F ranked stories. You don’t need to rush, you shouldn’t have to. I don’t mean that you have to show your work either. You can keep it all to yourself, share with a couple of very close friends, do whatever you want. Get as much advice as possible, train yourself and improve yourself. And if you end up taking that decisive step, and this is just my personal take on it, try to get self published. You’ll find yourself learning more and more about the industry and how things work.

This is all about trial and error, and, most of all, about having fun and enjoying what you’re doing.

See you tomorrow, have a nice day!