The best revising tip

by juliusmsanz

I’m sure you’ve heard it all and maybe even heard this piece of advice before.

I’ll give it to you nevertheless because I find it to be extremely useful.

So you just finished your 200 page draft, you want to get your story out so you start working on it. You cut, you add, you spellcheck, you watch out for that vocabulary. It’s all good, you finished.

No, you haven’t.

Not until you read your story out loud and hear your story out loud.

I know it sounds boring, but this, my friend, is the biggest help I’ve found. I too thought it was all over, and then I read my story. What a huge difference that made! It didn’t really flow the way I wanted, the language was a bit jumbled, sometimes there were pauses where there should have been action, the list goes on and on. Why don’t we, writers, notice this sooner? Because we, and by this I mean me, never considered the story as a whole and as a true reading material. I think about plot, I think about characters, I think about dialogue and how it all fits in the story. But when I thought about it as a reader…

Yeah, it turns out my work wasn’t done.

I understand reading and hearing a 200 page manuscript sounds boring, I know it’s going to take a huge chunk of your time, I know that. However answer me this: don’t you want to make sure your story is as best as it can be?

I said it before and I’ll say it again: writing is an exhausting job, it’s not for everyone. So keep going at it until you can say: yeah, this is it, I can’t make it any better.

Hope it doesn’t discourage you, in fact I hope it makes you even better and more driven.

Have a nice day!

See you tomorrow!