Work Ethic is key

by juliusmsanz

First of let me apologize for not writing something yesterday, just thought about taking the day off and recharging the batteries.

Now… shall we begin?

I only found out about this recently, or thought seriously over it, and that is how your work ethic and your character can influence your life in a positive way. That’s why writing is my life, it has humbled me and taught me a lot over the years.

I believe it was in my very first post that I talked about commitment, and I stand by it 100%. Don’t know about you guys but I listen and see many motivational videos, they get me pumped up, but one commenter in one of those videos talked about them just being mind orgasms. What does this mean? It means they pump you up, but the bottom line is you still don’t do anything of positive. I’m not talking about anybody in particular, just thinking about the big picture. You see a video about the homeless, you give them some money that day, but after a week or a month you forget all about it. It happened to me plenty of times.

What really matters is not just getting motivated but putting in the work. Going back to my previous post I think most of the problems lie also in the fact that it’s all talk and no real, actual work.

The more stuff you do, even the little things, the more your life is going to change. You know about bad crowds, you know that if you involve yourself with negative people your life isn’t going to get any positive. It’s true, you know it.

I wake up everyday between 5 and 6 in the morning, I do my workouts, I have a nice shower, I eat a good, healthy breakfast and feel ready to go. We make all sorts of excuses to skip the things we need to do, we blame everything else, and we forget that most of what goes around in our personal lives is up to us and our decisions. We forget we can change not only our lives, but also the lives of others. We forget we can inspire others.

Of course it will be meaningless if you don’t go out there and really apply yourself to what you are doing.

People notice effort, people notice change.

The more you work on yourself, the more you improve yourself, the better you are making your life and the life of those around you. I used to be so lazy, and now I look back and realize how much time I’ve wasted, how much of my life I’ve missed…oh the shame.

Hope I gave you some new-found drive.

Have a nice day and see you tomorrow!