The Lighthouse Award

by juliusmsanz

I want to thank Sarah Findlay for nominating me, you can check her blog here

Here are the rules:

• Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
• Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you.
• Inform your nominees of their award nominations.
• Share three ways that you like to help others.
• Nominate as many bloggers as you like.
• Have fun!


My nominees are it because I either find their posts fun or insightful. I’m not going to nominate every single person that I follow, but I want to acknowledge some. Nominees, you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want or if you’ve been nominated before. It’s entirely optional.

Winter Bayne

Jodie Llewellyn

Source of Inspiration

The Return of the Modern Philosopher



Ok, so let’s talk a bit about myself.

1 – The first way I like to help others is by doing volunteer work, I’ve been volunteering for at least a couple of years and it’s just a great opportunity to help others by sharing my knowledge and teaching teenagers on how they can improve at school.

2 – I tend to help my family as much as I can, I have people with disabilities and you just have to spend some time with them and try to cheer them up when they are down.

3 – I like to help the homeless as much as I can. Most of the time I just give out some cash, I know I could do a bit better, but I don’t get the chance to carry some food with me all the time. I’m a big advocate of teaching how to fish instead of just giving fish, but sometimes that is just not possible under certain circumstances.

Not exactly the best or longest descriptions, I know.

Enjoy your nominations everyone! I hope you find some great new blogs to read.