Horror novelty

by juliusmsanz

Just this little note before I begin: I know I’ve been nominated for another award and I thank that person deeply, but as of now I just do not have the time to write more than I can on a daily basis as I’m already writing a few thousand a day. Yeah, life should be a simple thing but we tend to overcomplicate things.

Now let me share my personal experience with horror movies since I like them a lot.

I’m still trying to find one movie or short movie, whatever it is, where one Pierrot doll is in a car and uses a phone to dial a number. It’s a doll one kid found in a closet. Probably from the late 80’s, early 90’s. If somebody else saw this scene or knows what I’m talking about please let me know.

I don’t understand why horror sequels are so terrible. I get that they want to milk the concept and try to create a franchise, but how often has that been done the right way? I was a big Nightmare on Elm Street fan back in the day, and saw that franchise being run into the ground. The same goes with all the big baddies: Jason, Michael, the list goes on and on. What is the good franchise these days?

I think that the main problem lies with the novelty factor. The twist in the first Saw film was pretty great, but when I saw the second I just wanted to leave. The question is not how horror can continue to be horror, but how terror can continue to exist after the first film. Sure you can have suspense, sure you can have the thrills, but can you still feel the terror?

That’s the big question and I don’t know if I have an answer for that.

The fear of the unknown goes away after you’ve seen what’s over there. It can bring a new fear, sure, but that fear will be gone. People with phobias will always fear the thing they are afraid of, but will the regular joe feel scared twice with the same premise? I believe it’s difficult to feel truly scared once while watching a movie. And so the movies transform themselves, they change to try to sell. Nightmare on Elm Street became a parody, Hellraiser became a mess. Maybe the big solution would be to market the movies with a different name and change the setting completely and the plot, but still have the big baddies doing all the nasty things they can do. I can see that working actually because you wouldn’t expect that in the movie.

I want to know what you guys and girls think about the whole subject.

Who knows, maybe this will even be my next series.

I can tell you two things that don’t have the novelty wearing off: your dreams and your imagination. Those two can scare you all the time if you let them run wild.

Well this is it for now, see you tomorrow!

Have a nice day!