Haiku – 1

by juliusmsanz

I never liked to write poetry, when I was a teenager in my late teens I often sat down and would write several poems a day. It came to a point where I counted them and I had reached over one hundred! Most of them, if not nearly all, are gone, and I remember that I wasn’t very good at it. When it comes to the people I follow here it’s a complete different matter, there’s a bunch of poets that pour their hearts and souls almost every day, and while sometimes I don’t have the patience to give a like or a comment I just want to say that I enjoy it.

There’s one blog that I follow: The 365 Poetry Project , that inspired me in the sense that I should commit to write something related to poetry. I won’t write long poems however, just some simple Haiku, if you don’t know what that is look it up, and I’ll try to write one per day, while writing about my other writing topics.

So here it goes:

Home owner is gone,

His problems tired him well,

And now he wo(a)nders.