Your writing voice

by juliusmsanz

This topic came upon me after a night’s sleep: how do you use your writing voice?

I know what you’re thinking: man, you talk about plot, characters, setting, all that stuff, and now I have to worry about voice? What is that anyway?

You see, writing isn’t all about those things, when you write you are putting a big part of yourself in your story. You are already using your imagination, your knowledge of certain topics and plenty of your skills. Sometimes you also need to use your voice. You might use it unknowingly, or your writing might be intentional, but you are doing so when you write.

Writing is a very personal thing, and that is partly why there are many aspiring writers that don’t show their stories or want to publish them. I give mine plenty of thought and consideration because I can be somewhat abrasive when I write, I like to talk about delicate topics and controversial themes. It’s all about some sort of message I’m trying to convey.

A good story is a powerful story, it needs to have some sort of meaning.

It can be a good thing, it can keep on focused and motivated, but there are also plenty of pitfalls. Let’s focus on the good things today.

Your writing voice isn’t all about your theme, but more about how you convey it. Let me give you an example. You can write about the theme of homelessness, but the most important thing is how you are going to tackle it. Do you want to show it as an adventure? Do you want to show it as a terrible tragedy? Whatever you do you can still give plenty of information and any other thing you might like to add. There are multiple takes on a story, you focus on your plot and the strength of you characters, and the story can be good. What will give the reader an enjoyable experience is how you bring up points and notions that can leave an impression on your readers and leave them to think for themselves as you introduce interesting questions within your story.

Stories, at least for me, aren’t just something we read, they are instruments that can take us to other worlds and make our brains work. Horror can make you think about your fears, romance can make you think about what you’re doing with your relationships. Imagination flows and constructive and critical thinking flows. It’s called an experience. Hunger by Knut Hamsun actually made me cry. Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit it. After reading that story and it’s portrayal of despair and misery I couldn’t help but to analyze my own life and some of the hardships I went through in my life. That’s why, for me, it’s an amazing story.

Whatever you are writing, don’t forget to infuse it with some of your passion, share some of your views, it will make your work more enjoyable for you and others.

This was all about the inspiration and the greatness that can arise, tomorrow I’ll talk about some of the traps and the ways it can ruin your story completely.

Have a nice day!