Your writing voice – part 2

by juliusmsanz

So yesterday I wrote all about the good stuff, today I want to talk about the bad stuff for a little while.

Writing with a voice is not a bad thing to do, but you have to take care of your story, and if you have too much of your voice then you are sure to lose some of your fan base. And why?

Do you want to read preachy novels? Do you like watching preachy television?

Nobody likes to be judged or to have values imposed on them. There’s nothing wrong with saying that drugs are bad for you, but if you say that if you do drugs you will die and go to hell to suffer for all eternity, well that’s no good. If you have some sort of agenda, do it subtly, don’t push your beliefs onto me, that’s not why I’m reading your story. It’s only natural to see some writers going on an ego-trip , they want everything in the story to be about them, about their beliefs, about their values, about many other things actually. However it’s not all about the writer and much more about the story, the plot, the characters.

The writer, when writing a story, should never place anything with more importance than the story itself. I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat not to leave your kids and loved ones. What I’m saying is that the story is the key element here, not the writer.

In the first part I wrote all about how writing is a personal experience, and for that you have to engage your work. Today I’m saying that while that is a good thing, you also need to have some distance to see things clearly, for how they truly are.

It’s all about common sense really. You don’t want others to get inside your mind, to impose values on you. You don’t want them to do that without your consent first.

Well I don’t want to preach anymore, I don’t feel I’m any good at it anyways, nor qualified enough.

So yeah this is it for now, (a bit short, I know) see you again tomorrow!

Have a nice day!