Next stop, the Twilight Zone!

by juliusmsanz

I apologize but today I’m not going to talk about writing, I know I promised, I know that fully well, but something happened and I’ll resume my series tomorrow.

So what happened?

Well, it seems like I’m in the twilight zone, but I can’t blame nobody else but myself.

I met this woman at work, I knew that she was a massive pain. You don’t know me, but I can tell you this: one of my best qualities is my patience, I am unbelievably patient. So to make me lose my patience a bit takes a lot of effort and a lot of time. Somebody said she’s not half bad physically and it gets me wondering, because she’s indeed alright, fine even. I’m not thinking with my mind obviously. We start talking and she starts rambling, she goes on and on and on. And when she speaks people want to get away but can’t because she’ll keep on going, insisting and forcing the subject and cunningly extracting the information she wants in the process. She’s one of those people who pretend to be oblivious.

Now halfway into our conversation I’m starting to have second thoughts, but we still exchange numbers and she wants to know more info that I feel like giving. When I vaguely tell her the whereabouts of where I live and ask her, well, I find out that she lives extremely close to me, but so close that she can practically be my neighbour, just so you get the picture.

You can only imagine how much I froze in that instant.

Because she now wants to talk more about work and develop some new strategies and stuff like that, and now I want nothing from her, just distance. Nobody stands her at work and well, you know, it’s a complicated situation.

Why did I react that way? Because no matter how beautiful she may be I’d still have to put up with her nagging personality. Looks don’t justify the aggravation, they just don’t. I wanted to chat with her for like 15 mins or so and we went close to two hours of conversation, and not the really good, enjoyable type of conversation either.

Now I don’t want you to think that I’m rude, because I’m not. I’m still going to talk to her, I won’t ignore her or do something bad. I’ll just have to limit our time, make it as short as possible.

So in the end I knew it all along: looks aren’t above personality. I just forgot about it for a while. I also like to keep things separate, not mixing work with other stuff, so forgot about that too.

And that’s it, I just thought of bringing up something a little bit personal, it’s nothing that outlandish, but I was completely surprised to find out that she lived so close to me and that I never saw her before in my life. It’s just weird and a childish thing to write about, feels like I’m in high school or something along those lines.

So yeah this is it for today, tomorrow I promise: I’ll write about writing again.

Have a nice day!