Talking about Veronica Mars – Spoilers galore!

by juliusmsanz

One of the things that I really wanted to talk about during my break was Veronica Mars. The movie came out a couple of weeks ago if I’m not mistaken and as a huge fan I just couldn’t wait. It was worth it, to dream about it for years. Now let me get one thing straight: I won’t talk about the movie’s plot in this post, I’m actually going to talk about the character itself and her decisions. Veronica is one of my favorite characters, right next to Corto Maltese.


And what makes her such a great character?

First of all, she’s a likeable character. The series started her as a fallen from grace type, who had to adjust and see what she really left behind. She’s the underdog with vengeance in mind. This really doesn’t do it enough justice. Veronica Mars is a badass. And she’s not a badass because she uses her wits to defeat the bad guys and solve crimes, she’s a badass because she’s a student and a worker and someone who is just active. How often can you say that about a high schooler? She’s not highly emotional, despite having reasons to be, she engages things and people, she investigates and improves her own life in the process. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any flaws, because she has them, she also made some bad decisions and shows off some bad personality traits.

And then I saw her in the movie. Man oh man.

There have been fans of Veronica and Logan, there have been few fans of Veronica and Piz, I was a true fan of neither but prefered her with Logan. And that’s why the movie was so great for me.

Veronica starts off in an interview, we find out that she has left Neptune, we find out she chose Law. From her lingo, her attitude, I felt something was wrong. She was a completely different person. Was this her destiny? She had a chance to improve her life and start from scratch, not often that opportunity arises in one’s life. Then she is practically forced to go back to Neptune to help out Logan. Piz, her boyfriend (a complete shocker for me at least), agrees with her going back, but you can see that it won’t turn well, and it doesn’t. Being confronted with ghosts from the past, Veronica starts to crumble, her dreamy future doesn’t look so dreamy any more. The city is extremely corrupted and it draws her closer. In the end she fails to get the big job and loses her boyfriend. She ends up with nobody and stays in Neptune for good as a private eye.

Was it the most sound decision? Probably not in terms of money and stability, but it was the wisest one. And it has all to do with her character development. She finds out that the big job doesn’t fulfill her, she finds out that the big city isn’t for her, she finds out that she was probably lying to herself all along. She has no boyfriend, but will stay in touch with a lot of her friends, like Wallace and Mac, she lost a lot of money, but at least does something that she likes. She reverts to how she was back in the series, and you know it was for the best. For the good or bad a leopard can’t change its spots, and neither can Veronica. If you even pay attention to the details it can also teach you a thing or two, showing that there are more important things that money in this world.

I understand this was a very contrived review, but it should make some sense to those who followed the series. Now the big question remains: will they do a mini-series and give us, the fans, some more?

Have a nice day!