A sample

by juliusmsanz

It seems today I’m just skipping work, getting lazy is no good, but I’ll show you something I’ve written. Why did I write this? Very simple. After watching the outrageous prices being charged by Beginner level Readers, I’ve decided to give it a go, so here’s the result of 30 minutes of not really hard work. Keep in mind that this was written using only the most basic of english and in a language a kid could understand. If I were an illustrator I could consider finishing the story, since one-third or one-quarter of it is this.

This young woman’s name is Isabella. She is nineteen years old and is from Spain. She is tall and slim and has long wavy black hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a red dress and right now she is looking at the moon. She lives in a very small room and only has one bed and a dresser. The year is 1678 and she is living a difficult life in the Caribbean.

She is starting to pack her bags to leave her town. Isabella works as a doctor’s assistant and learns many different things from the doctor, but she can’t stay any longer. Her dress is in the bag, and she carefully begins to place some bandages and medical instruments inside the bag. A pirate captain that she admires is hurt and needs her help, she is not going to let him die. The pirates are helping the people against the guards, and if the captain dies then the people will suffer. When she finishes packing her bag she looks at her room. She doesn’t know what is going to happen to her, but she has to try, she isn’t going to let a person die.

Since she lives in the second floor, and the doctor lives in the room next door, she has to be quiet and get out of the window. If anybody sees her, her plan will fail. She ties her sheets together and, after tying one end to her bed, she throws the sheets out of the window. She climbs down and is on the street with her bag. She decides to hide behind a wall and look around. Maybe one guard sees her, so she has to wait. Her heart is beating fast and she is sweating. This is the first time she runs away. She knows it is the wrong thing to do, but she has to save the people.

She starts to move slowly and sees one guard. She is behind him, so he can’t see what is happening. He is very sleepy, but loud sounds can make him alert. Isabella crouches and is taking small steps, she doesn’t want to wake him up. The guard begins to snore, he is asleep. Isabella moves faster and soon escapes the guard. She can’t believe her luck! But she still has a lot to do, she still has to walk around town and leave without anybody knowing.

The town has many buildings, many are white and big, like the church; some are small and made of wood, like the market in the town square. She knows that she needs to go straight and take the second turning on the right. Next she needs to turn left and wait in the corner for the guards to pass without seeing her. Fog is starting to set, so she knows that is not going to be a problem. After the guards pass her, she goes straight and, after another turn to the left, finally sees one of the town exits.

Isabella is smiling because now she can leave town. It wasn’t easy, but she is happy. She is careful because some guards can still see her if she doesn’t pay attention to what she is doing. Once she passes the big exit she starts to run. She runs faster and faster along the dirty path. It is covered in rocks, so she jumps over them and laughs. But Isabella is forgetting something. She is now in the jungle, and the jungle is a dangerous place. Anything can happen to her and anything can hurt her. Is Isabella going to survive in the jungle enough time to leave there and join the captain of the pirates?

Quite simple, I know, it was intended to be that way. Let me know what you think of it, if you want.

That’s it for today, see you again tomorrow.

Have a nice day!