Top Game of Thrones Characters – part 2

by juliusmsanz

Sorry for the wait, but let’s not waste another moment.



  • Bronn – I like Bronn a lot, and I like him because he’s a simple individual and also extremely funny. Bronn was vital for Tyrion, defending him in that trial by combat. But I think that his nature is what holds the most appeal. He is loyal provided you pay him well, but you can clearly see that he likes Tyrion, he is a misfit, a cold-hearted murderer, and has no place in court. So now you’re going to ask me: why not going for Ilyn Payne? Ilyn Payne, the killer or Ned Stark if I’m not mistaken, is pretty badass to be honest, he looks great on the series. However Ilyn cannot speak, and Bronn can, and Bronn also seems to take some pleasure being quirky. You never know what awesome move, or ammusing line, might come next.




  • Ser Brynden Tully, the Blackfish – House Tully may be in turmoil, but I believe it will never fade because Brynden lives. His participation in the series is extremely short, but he made his mark. He is a seasoned warrior that dislikes nonsense and has no problem putting his family members in place. You can feel he is just itching to take a larger role within the story. If you check the scene where is shoots one arrow and walks away without turning back, you can tell he is a badass no other word to describe him. He will only remain a badass if his appearances are cut short, and they are.




  • Jon Snow – The first big character to be in this list, Jon Snow is a member of the Night’s Watch. I love the Night’s Watch, I love the idea behind it, I love their purpose, so when he took the black, I was like: Hell Yeah! Jon also got the coolest direwolf and gave him a cool name: Ghost. Now keep in mind I’m talking about the series only, as I want to avoid spoilers. I like outcasts, I think Jon had no place in Winterfell, and Jon fits that role well, it’s like he hasn’t found out what he truly wants. He commits to the Watch, he still loves his family in spite of some not caring about him. He befriended another misfit in the family: Arya, and he also formed close bonds with people he felt needed his help, like Sam and his other friends from the Night’s Watch. I like the perils and situations he has been facing and I think his role in the story is far from finished. He’s clearly feeling guilty about Ygritte, another nice character, and the fact that he might have to face her and kill her means extra conflict; I like it. And there are many more awesome moments yet to come. What’s not to like about Jon Snow? He was given the tools to be an awesome character.

I would have liked to write more, but that’s it for today.

See you again tomorrow and have a nice day!