Top Game of Thrones characters – part 3

by juliusmsanz

Five characters down, five more to go. Time to see some people of the female gender for once.



  • Arya Stark – Arya is one of my favorites hands down. Female characters in the Game of Thrones take a lot of abuse, they get thrown in some tragic situations, face some vile characters, die, I could go on and on. From the very first scene, or lines if you read the books, you can understand Arya in a flash. She feels out-of-place, she has nothing in common with her sister Sansa, she is a tomboy in a society that doesn’t allow tomboys. Her sister is more beautiful than her and far more skilled in things that advance women in society. But she doesn’t let that bother her, much. Not even Ned Stark can bend the will of his daughter, and finds a fighter to train her, as if realising that no matter what he does, his daughter will do things her own way. Arya is a fighter, seeking revenge on her father’s death, vowing to kill his killers, after seeing his death. It’s such a horrible thing to see. I believe that while all Stark children have faced tremendous odds, Arya stands the bigger chance of survival and has faced the worst of it. She has been a prisoner, has killed to survive, managed to escape King’s Landing and has adapted to her surroundings every single time. And, while I don’t want to spoil it, she has the most interesting path, as she visits places and will get to know people who really differ from the main story. I’m interested in knowing what’s going to happen next.





  • Catelyn Stark – Now I shall tell you this: Catelyn is not one of my favorites, I’m just putting her here to avoid an overly manly top ten. The truth is that since this is a series top ten, I cannot talk about other characters that I feel to be more interesting. Cat is still a great character, as she partakes in one of my favorite moments in the series. She is a great mother, an understanding wife and very protective of all that are related to her. She has some powerful moments in the show. I also know I’m being very unfair to characters like Brienne of Tarth, Ygritte, among others. They are all very cool, and we still have more to see in future seasons, however this is my decision based on screen time and how I feel Catelyn has become a central character to the show. She sometimes has a cool head, sometimes was quick to anger, but overall you could sense she had her motives.


I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this top ten by tomorrow, but if not it will definitely feature a couple of characters. What do you think of the list so far?

Have a nice day!