Screw the rules!

by juliusmsanz

I vaguely remember writing something when I was a kid. It was a story about monsters and the jungle, some sort of big adventure, just because I saw some cartoon on television. Every once in a while I think about that moment.

That brings me to a couple of key points I want to make.

Kids these days have no imagination. Every time I read a book or saw something I would let my imagination run wild, I could picture myself as a wrestler, as Indiana Jones, as a pirate, anything really. I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, and I realise not everyone can imagine situations in the spur of the moment, but it’s good to make the mind work. I could read a book and picture the characters in my mind, I could watch a movie and develop a sequel in a flash. They wouldn’t be very good, true, but I would immerse myself in that particular world for a while before moving to another one. Now we are much more visual than we were before, and I think that kinda breaks the magic a little bit.

Kids have the potential to be great writers, even if we don’t like to admit it. A couple of years ago I was helping this kid with a story he had to write for class. Obviously anybody would think of it as rubbish, but now I think that if he kept on practicing and learning he would have gone on to become an amazing writer. Since we’ve written too much, or read too much, we fail to recognize the beauty of the simple things. That kid was writing flash fiction and it didn’t even occur to me at that time what he was doing.

Every single time I think about writing flash fiction or short stories I stress so much over the little details that I forget about how simple it truly is. But no, I have to consider the right plot, the right characterization, the proper setting, the hero, the villain, the purpose, everything. Didn’t I write a short story when I was a kid? Didn’t that kid write flash fiction? So why can’t I do it? The truth is I’m over thinking.

Let your imagination run wild and forget about the rules for a bit in writing. We can appreciate abstract art can’t we? Why not go for abstract writing? It only has to make a little sense, and anyone can do it.

You might not have the greatest story ever (or maybe you will, who knows?) but at least you’ll have fun and enjoy the experience.

Did I make any sense in this post? Better not think too much about it.

Have a nice day!