by juliusmsanz

Tomorrow I should start some movie reviews, just two or three actually and then I’ll talk about writing again. Finally huh? But today I want to talk about something that I’ve been practicing and I’ve been feeling the effects: meditation.

I’ve known about meditation for years, but always felt it was more about the hype than everything else to be honest. Now I completely agree, and since I’m all about Orientalism I try to do more of it every day. I like to relax my body completely just before sleeping or after eating lunch. Call it a very short siesta as I listen to some relaxing music and close my eyes for at least ten to twenty minutes. I have been feeling the effects and now sleep better. It’s so uncomfortable to sleep with a tensed body that you might even aggravate some condition.

And why did I need meditation? Well, mainly to deal with stress. I think that we live such high-paced lives that we just don’t know how to properly unwind after a day, or a week, or even more. There’s so many little things that we can do, and yet we keep forgetting about them or dismissing them as trivial. Anyways this is a short post, but I just wanted to praise it for a little while as I truly believe that it has been helping my health. Sometimes the best solutions to the greatest problems are more simple than we expect. Now my schedule is getting back to normal and my life is slowly going back to acceptable levels, in terms of work and time.

That is all folks, have a nice day!