Princess Mononoke – Review

by juliusmsanz

I’m a big fan of animation, especially if it is done right. Most adults tend to dismiss animation as more of a kid thing, but I think we can still learn a lot from movies such as this one.


Princess Mononoke is a story about a young man named Ashitaka who is afflicted with a curse while fighting an injured boar god, and Princess Mononoke (San), a girl raised by wolf gods in the forest. While involving a bit of religion (having many gods), this movie, I think, is all about man and the environment. One of the main antagonists is Lady Eboshi, who rules a castle with an iron fist and intends to destroy the forest to get rich. So the conflict is between her and the beings of the forest, some gods, some animals, some even people. It is quite clear that we, the human race, think of ourselves first and only worry about the consequences later, when most of the damage is done. I’m not going to fully expose my views on the subject matter here, it would take me a long, long time to write about it and the several linked matters, but if you want me to, I’ll give it a go.

A chain of greed and hate was created and caused the whole conflict to start and I think that the movie was done beautifully, as it didn’t try to preach any values, just exposed a fictional situation where nature would take charge and not fall victim to man. Should man continue to take advantage of natural resources without thinking properly about the environment? Where and when can be a line drawn in the sand? What’s the limit? As we move on and continue to grow in numbers I think it is as relevant as ever, because sooner rather than later we are going to have more people than we can feed. There are already hundreds of thousands starving and dying, there are also several species nearing extinction. We can do something to prevent that. I don’t want to think about being alive in the next 50 years or so and explaining to my grandkids that there used to be some animals called Elephants and Turtles and Polar Bears. Have you truly thought about it, that life can be completely different from what we have now?

Hayao Miyazaki is a true master and has made many more animation films that are praise worthy. The soundtrack is also magnificent.

Is this a movie for kids? I don’t think so, as they can get traumatized by some of the gore and violence, but I think everyone should watch this movie. It is an amazing blend of epicness; animation, music, story and theme. Movies that make us think are always good in my book.

That is all for today, enjoy!