Ungrateful Bastards

by juliusmsanz

For over 2 years I’ve done volunteer work in one place.

I like the place, I like working with the kids there that need my help and I’ve done plenty of activities to make sure the place remained open. And for the second time they badmouth me behind my back. Yep, a kid told me, the bastards didn’t have the guts to approach me themselves, to be careful because they were talking crap about me. Can you actually believe this stuff? And in the very next day it’s all smiles like nothing happened.

This came to no surprise because I finally managed to change the modus operandi of the place and now have managed to implement something that is going to benefit everybody in the long run. I have plenty of support from the board and the kids, but it appears you can’t please them all. I’m a pretty chill guy, and it’s really difficult to upset me. I’m not too upset over this, because in the end it means nothing, I got a new system working and basically won, but it is still impressive that they have the balls to diss me, a guy who has worked there for many hours for free. Who does that is an employee, paid one at that, and a rather recent volunteer that thinks she runs the rest of the volunteers.

I don’t mind criticism, I rather welcome it as I can see what can be improved, so why did they feel the need to talk behind my back like that? I’m not a scary guy, so I don’t really get it. What a bunch of hypocrites.