Game of Thrones stuff and Weddings

by juliusmsanz

First of all let me apologize for my disappearance yesterday, but it was inevitable.

Where was I with my previous post? Oh right, I was talking about the latest episode of The Game of Thrones.

Hearing the Oath of the Night’s Watch being said as 6 men prepared to face a giant was such a sweet moment that I might rank it was one in the top five so far. And you know what the best part is to me? It’s the fact that nobody will know how brave those men were. “I shall wear no crowns and win no glory.” How tragic is that? Naturally the Night’s Watch will win some sort of glory in the end of this saga, but men like Pypar, Grenn, those names will be forgotten. To me that makes the best part of the story, because you have these rather insignificant characters make a big contribution in the story.

Then you have Ygritte die in the way we all knew she’d die. We all knew that the little boy would kill her, and when I heard Sam inspire the boy, I felt proud of both despite liking her character quite a lot. But to me, and I’m talking about the episode as a whole, that was probably the least interesting bit of the episode. Not because she wasn’t important, not because of Jon’s despair at that event, but simply because I didn’t really feel it when I saw the episode.

It’s such a shame that the Night’s Watch provides such good characters for them to go to waste like that: Yoren was very cool, Commander Mormont was great, even Alliser Thorne turned out to be good. All those guys died unfairly, but one must get used to that sort of thing in this saga.

Overall it felt like a true cinematic experience and I look forward to more of these.

And on a completely unrelated note: are weddings expensive or what?

Good Lord! I have a wedding in a little over a week and it is going to take a bigger chunk of my savings, more than I expected, since the wedding is far from where I live. I’ll say it right here and now: I’ll probably only attend about half a dozen more in my lifetime. This is not my case, but I feel sometimes people just send out invites at random for a chance of a big wedding and nice gifts. It sort of seems like a wedding mafia, having people pay their tributes, that sort of thing.

But like I said before, this is not such a case, this girl has been a true friend, a very rare thing these days, and not only did I feel really honored to be invited, I’m also glad she thought of me to join in one of the biggest moments of her life. Needless to say this changed a lot of how I view weddings when such people invite you. I sincerely hope this is the start of something great for her, and that more happiness will ensue for her and her man.

And with that I end this post, see you again tomorrow!