Something about characters and more

by juliusmsanz

Remember a while back when I wrote at least half a dozen of posts about characters?

Well here I am, thinking I might resume my work on that front, considering the multitude of things I still have to say.

I’ll try to link some posts tomorrow, but for now I want to talk about personalities and characters for characters. A character is a big deal for me, and I believe that you must have solid foundations to create some truly spectacular characters. But let me clear a couple of things first: a spectacular character isn’t a superhero or anything like that, a spectacular character is one that is similar to a human being with just some tiny differences.

When it comes to characters you have to know them better than you know yourself and then let them surprise you. I would say it is extremely difficult to know yourself, I still don’t know who I am exactly, and if you don’t consider your characters as people then you can’t really make them shine.

It’s hard work to say the least.

But it is not impossible and I believe it can enhance your writing experience. When we’re writing a story we talk not only about what characters do, but what they feel. If you don’t know why they did it, or why they did it in the way they did, then you are not fully exploring the characters. The way I do things when I’m writing characters is simple: I study a bit of psychology and apply it to the character. Obviously I already know what type of character I have in mind, but I adjust it somewhat to his/her profile. In terms of generalities and background I tend to ask around 50 questions and give out proper answers, in terms of psychology I tend to answer over 100. It has everything to do with types, and I’ll clear this bit tomorrow, explaining everything with as much detail as I possibly can.

Don’t worry it’s probably not as hard as I’m making it sound.

Now let’s talk just a little bit about The Game of Thrones. I’ve got mixed feelings over the last episode, on one hand it was great seeing Stannis with the Night’s Watch, but I didn’t really like the part with the Children of the Forest. Bran Stark’s path is not my favorite, and while the scene didn’t do a lot for me it was good at least to see their take on another of the so-called fallen species that exists in the universe of the epic. Let’s not forget the scenes with Tyrion, although I felt that we deserved to hear his thought process and that hilarious conclusion.

Am I excited for the next season? Hell yeah, but at the same time I think they are still taking things too fast. Hopefully by season 5 they slow down the action or take some time to do some side stories.

Last but not least, and I’m sorry if I’m going to offend people, congrats to the San Antonio Spurs! I was counting on them to beat the Heat, and let’s be honest: the Spurs deserve it. It’s a great story the one they have been telling for such a long time. I would even dare to say it has motivated me even more to write a good piece in the near future.

That is all for today, have a nice day!