Creating Characters – part 11

by juliusmsanz

I’m back after a nearly disastrous cooking adventure, I suppose it’s something that happens, but it was fun nevertheless and everybody had a good time.

Let me continue to talk about personalities and how they can affect not only the characters but also the story.

A story must have progression, and character development is key in that area. But what is character development exactly? For me it is a rather simple affair, at the beginning the character starts at point A, by the end of the story the character is at the point Y, X or Z. Each progress that happens in the story needs to lead to a new development and the character changing, just a little bit at a time.

Let’s consider someone random: an american woman in her early 30’s, working in an office. By the end of the story she is 37 and a farmer in Sri Lanka. This sounds completely crazy, I know, but suppose she was being framed early on, suppose that instead of taking the easy way out she decided to fight against her situation, suppose things did not work out for her, suppose she had to run and ended up as a civil rights activist in South America and that her big dream was to be a chef.

Every action that we take, every decision that we make, it is mostly due to our personality. Some of us take a more subtle approach, others jump in rashly. Events, television, relationships, everything transforms us, but it does not transform the way we truly are, or truly think about things. We do things in very specific ways because of our thought process.

And I also believe that we can spiral out of control mostly due to our personalities. If some of us don’t trust people easily, that is because something happened, but that does not mean that not trusting people is the end of the line: it can end up in complete isolation. While tragic it is also very interesting. Some of us are also more prone to suicide than others, everything has to do with personality, not some weakness. That’s why we see people react in so many different ways.

This post is going to be a bit on the short side, but I’ve got a pretty good idea of what to do for tomorrow.

Victoria Davenport from Coffee. Write. Repeat. lay down a challenge of sorts, saying she wanted to see one of my characters, she is going to get just that as I’ll put together all of my notes and write them all down in the following post. After all I’ve been all talk and I’ve shown nothing yet. Now I’ll just ask you all to take this into consideration: it will be text heavy and I will not dissect the information posted, it’ll be posted as I wrote it down in my notes. If you want to talk about it, let me know and we’ll discuss it in the posts after that one.

And now I take the opportunity to say this: see you all tomorrow and have a nice day!