Creating Characters – Part 12

by juliusmsanz

Ok, so here it goes, one of my fictional characters. The idea here was to create a new type of spy. Bear in mind first that I’ll repeat myself often (these are my notes after all), and obviously I’d want to know your impressions.

Emilia Dragonova – main character in the story

23 years old, 125 pounds, 5 ft, 6 inches, born 7th of April, favorite color green.

Lives in a small apartment with a carpentry workshop below her in one of Prague’s districts, in Czech Republic. Has family but does not have much contact with them since she was recruited for the Order. Mom and dad live in the city where she was born and raised: Bellinzona, in the italian part of Switzerland. Dad works in Industry, mom works in a restaurant as a part-timer. Has green eyes and copper hair in a disheveled short bob style, oval face, almost round, nice expression, thin lips and smallish nose. Has a few scars over her body, not more than 4 from previous adventures and physical hobbies. Dresses mostly in practical style, clothes that allow her to relax and work at the same time. Can be seen as a bit lazy because of that. It does not mean that she doesn’t have her sense of style, she can dress for the occasion if it comes to that. Tends to squint when focused, when she’s bored tends to rub her nose, when impatient tends to play with her fingers unconsciously. Doesn’t have any further mannerisms. Does not smoke or do drugs, but drinks casually with her small circle of friends. Has tried pot before, but didn’t like it, or wasn’t very interested in it.

Is in perfect health, no big issues, maybe a little sore from a previous sports adventure. In terms of hobbies she likes what she also does for a living: carpentry. Likes puzzles and enigmas, collects movie posters and matchboxes (started with her father: a smoker) likes lavender and in her childhood her favorite animal was the flying fox. Plays cards regularly. Enjoys watching science documentaries and the discovery channel, listening to instrumentals, (after her alternative rock phase), art lithography, watching movies. Relaxes her. She also practices sports: rock climbing and knows about martial arts from her training at the Order.

Biggest flaw: Obstinate/ Anti-authority

Best quality: Loyal

Has a very close relationship with the 2 members of the Order she talks with on the phone. Complex relationship, beginning friendship with another member of the Order, partner in Prague, and hates the Mob. Starts with distrust regarding the reporter, anger and then acceptance. Important because it shows how she forms friendships and normally greets people.

Raised in catholic family, non-church goers. Thanks to her mother’s restaurant work she has no problems in the kitchen, learned to cook early. Realist, pragmatic, laid-back, once again because of her education. Since her childhood she has a fascination for adventure and high stakes, likes to play with the odds. Always been taught to treat others fairly and equally. Doesn’t like to judge others. Is intelligent but likes to apply it in crisis or practical situations. Her curiosity and excellent memory lead her to some success, but the determinant factor is the quick response to facts. Her intelligence also doesn’t show much because she doesn’t like long discussions and doesn’t talk much, most of the time keeping her opinions to herself. Didn’t have much success in school for various reasons. When she got interested in something she was excellent, but prefered to learn alone, after seeing how things got done. Since school offered too much theory and strictness she chose to ignore the rules, and that gave her some problems with her teachers. Wasn’t motivated enough and didn’t care much. Another problem was that she prefered more flexible deadlines when dealing with papers. Wasn’t very sociable, but made some friends that took advantage of her. Stole a car with those friends, had an accident that could have been serious and ended up in juvi. Spent a hard time there because of her problems with authority, own style and also common troubles one could have in juvi. After that she entered a vocational school and focused on carpentry, which became her greatest passion. Since she had always been more focused on the practical things she adjusted well. Practiced athletics in school, was good at it. School never seemed vital for her, prefered experience and practical knowledge.

Learned a lot during her training period with the Order. Joined that organization after school when one of her former friends got out of jail and tried to kill her. Edgar Hernandez was present at the time and saved her from certain death.

Long-term goals: nothing specific, a quiet life with enough time to pursue her many interests. Doesn’t like to think long-term, knows things don’t ever go the way she wants them to. (She tries to do things in a logical and easy way, the easier the better, in order to save her energy to other things)

Short-term goals: understand what happened and get revenge.

Is more driven by logic than emotion, but sometimes the emotion can lead her to have some unexpected reactions, mainly because of her usual inexpressive demeanor. Does not spend a lot of time analyzing herself, does not like to do that sort of thing, but that doesn’t mean she won’t ever do it, especially under intense stress, judging herself when she can’t do something and then expecting the worst out of the situation, also happens when she fails. Doesn’t really know how she’s seen by others, knows that she’s considered loyal and reliable and appreciates that, but doesn’t realise that she’s considered unstable and to cold in certain situations. People say she lacks communication skills, and she knows that it’s one of her flaws, but only minds it when one of her friends points it out. Considered sarcastic and laid-back.

Has confidence in herself and in her abilities, sometimes gets overconfident in low stress situations, takes a lot of chances. Is afraid of being humiliated in public. (Needs further clarification)

Is introverted, doesn’t share opinions, enjoys quiet and is a very reserved person. Doesn’t like to draw much attention. Has difficulty expressing her feelings. Only extroverted with her hobbies and even then does not verbalise things very well, only through actions. Does not feel comfortable with unfamiliar situations and people can tell she feels awkward. Keeps low profile.

Strong points: deals well with pressure, tireless when focused, doesn’t like loose ends, good athlete (been practicing since young age), very patient, not a perfectionist, her loyalty cannot be questioned by her friends, generous, gives more than she receives, volunteers, brave, quick thinker, straight-forward, relaxed.

Weak points: very shy, lacks people skills, can’t deal with her own emotions, sarcastic, disorganized, obstinate, haughty, a bit insensitive, not very affectionate, capable of showing great anger, too relaxed, gets anxious when she has nothing to do, gives too many one-liners, lazy, impulsive, detached, extremely private and very difficult to know.


And I’m sorry but I can’t write it all in one post as I’m only one-third done. You may be thinking: is this guy crazy? Nope, I just like things to be as clear as possible when I’m creating characters. If I had written about a secondary character I’d be more than halfway through, but main characters are key.

Tomorrow I’ll write some more. Meanwhile feel free to comment, ask questions, etc.

See you tomorrow and have a nice day!