Creating Characters – part 13

by juliusmsanz

Ok, let’s continue to go through my notes of Emilia, the carpenter spy.

When dealing with other people’s anger she tends to ignore or let the situation cool itself down, because she doesn’t really know how to deal with people. This makes it sound like she’s too insensitive, or maybe even a coward, but that is her main way of acting. When she causes that anger and it is earned she tends to act in a nonchalant way. When the anger isn’t called for, then she apologizes on the spot. When dealing with her own anger she has a tendency to hide her own feelings and either suppress them, or act later in a more calculating fashion. It has happened before that she explodes violently when under abnormal levels of stress. Her next step is to isolate herself from others and change to another thing that might calm her down a little bit, some sort of meditation so she can regain control and act again in a calm and rational way when dealing with work related problems. Her bad mood doesn’t dissipate immediately, but over a long period of time, after closing her eyes often and taking deep breaths to distance herself. You can tell she’s angry when she tenses one particular muscle for a long time and with her menacing stares.

Doesn’t know how to deal with the sadness of others, especially because she doesn’t really know how to react. Most of the time the way she acts tends to backfire a little bit. On several occasions she appears to be cold and insensitive, but what she is trying to do is distracting people so they don’t think about the stuff that is making them sad, sometimes she leaves the people to feel sad and bad by themselves because she thinks it’s better. If she’s the one who’s sad then she tends to not share her emotions and again internalizes them. She can be mentally strong on most occasions, but that doesn’t mean she’s impossible to break, especially when facing the situation for the first time. Very complex with her emotions and feelings, even though she doesn’t want to think and feel that way. Might cry or suffer a slight panic attack, especially with human loss. In these cases she prefers to isolate herself and digest the information at her own pace, and in her own way. Can start to tremble and begin to feel strong emotions. After all she is a human being and the loss of family members has never been experienced by her. In terms of material losses the case is completely different. Would rather survive than try to save her things and is used to having little stuff. This is because she adjusts easily to new work situations, especially in terms of spying. Maybe the indispensable is a little piece of wood that represents when she changed her life and left juvi, and her notebook of the Order that has plenty of personal stuff, photographs and a little violet or something special from her childhood, that reminds her of the good old days when she lived without worries. She might risk her life for these things.

The same things applies to change. She prefers to move on her own terms, if it’s a rude order from her superiors, or when she thinks it doesn’t affect nothing,, she will most certainly ignore those orders. She adapts well to new environments despite her shyness, and so long it doesn’t interfere with her own moral code. Since she doesn’t need much in the first person, and is not a very materialistic person, it doesn’t present a lot of issues. However since she is loyal that can present some issues regarding leadership.

Her relationship with conflict is rather complex. If it’s present in a mission then she doesn’t have many issues with it, but likes to avoid it at all costs. When she’s faced with multiple opponents or is in an unfavorable situation she has no problems with running or surrendering. Might be seen as a coward due to this attitude. One way she can cause conflict is with her sarcasm or one liners in a tense situation. If her life is at stake, and she can do nothing else but fight, then she’ll fight, but prefers to sneak around instead. It’s hard for her to ask for help even when she’s in trouble. When others are involved she acts in certain situations: when it involves someone she’s loyal to, when someone is attacked unfairly, like homeless; when in other situations she tends to ignore the problem and backs away from it.

What she wants out of life is to enjoy it, having plenty of time to do the things she wants and to lead an uncomplicated lifestyle, not being tied up with compromising situations. Wants to continue to be needed, but at the same time to be independent. Doesn’t mind to dedicate the rest of her life to her work, because she likes it more than everything else.

Is unsure whether she wants a family or not, prioritizes the fun she’s having. Wants peace and happiness, but searches for more immediate stuff, and doesn’t like to think long-term.

What she’d like to change in her life is her ability to deal with anger and lack of control that she feels when things don’t go her way. At the same time the pessimist that she feels when she starts doubting herself, that is why she’s a very active person. The problem is that she hesitates calling for help and since she’s a very reserved person she has difficulty getting closer to others with certain things.

What motivates her are the challenges she’s presented with, since she’s not a perfectionist she needs to renovate her interests constantly. It is important that her work is interesting, that manages to develop her logical thinking and that is practical. An example is when people ask her specific crafts relating to her carpentry, or when she has to succeed in complicated missions with the Order. Likes to explore and seeing her curiosity satisfied on several aspects of life.

Doesn’t like to judge others, and rarely does it. Sticks to logic and the facts. When the time comes and she, in fact, judges someone, she’ll never say it out loud voluntarily, but can’t control herself completely. More prone to judge herself, something that can lead to catastrophic conclusions.

Is not greedy. Likes to, or doesn’t mind to, lend her time and money with the people she likes or, in certain cases, with people living in unfair conditions. For example she can make some furniture to give to the poor or certain organizations when she’s well and has enough resources.


And we’ll end it here for today. Tomorrow comes the last part (finally!), and I still have quite a lot to say about Emilia. Now let me say this again: this is how much work I put for a main character, and it’s important to stick to the script, otherwise why bother with all this, you’ll just make stuff up as you go along. Just making stuff up as you go doesn’t really work and you’ll have trouble with creating a distinct personality.

So I’ll see you all tomorrow, have a nice day!