Creating Characters – part 14

by juliusmsanz

It’s finally time to bring Emilia’s character sheet to an end. I hope your expectations have been fulfilled. Feel free to see the first and second parts.

People might think she’s rude due to her anti-social nature, but she is rather polite, especially due to her training with the Order (all members are obligated to be extremely polite). This is an important point because it can cause internal conflicts but she normally respects that kind of rules.

In spite of baptism and catholic school she is not a religious person, and doesn’t waste her time thinking about that. In a word she is agnostic.

What kind of scares her is failure to meet expectations due to her loyalty. She fears introspection because it has led her to second guess herself, especially when she ended up in jail. Will not go back to jail (juvi) no matter what, probably her greatest fear. Her stay in juvi was traumatizing enough. In terms of more common fears she is afraid of maggots, but not of insects in general. Probably has another fear that will play out in the story. A fear must be paralyzing and that is an important point to focus on. Think about the traumas that led her to those fears.

What makes her happy is the confirmation that she did a good job, although this is somewhat downplayed since she does not like to stand out or pay that much importance to those in leadership. Likes to pass the time with her friends, small gatherings at a bar, or playing cards or some kind of sport. Do not forget she isn’t a people person. Is also very happy when she visits her parents or goes back to Switzerland after long periods of time. Confirmation of surpassed obstacles and challenges. Knowing that she can relax for a while. Exploring the world.

When it comes to romance she isn’t the type of person that takes things seriously, accepts the facts if the relationship isn’t going any further. Feels sorry, but doesn’t go any further than that. Isn’t very communicative, more on the practical side, gestures. Pays attention to details but doesn’t like to discuss her feelings, prefers shared experiences over conversation. Needs her space so much that it can be a deal breaker, needs interests to be shared, otherwise unlikely the relationship will work out.

Follows her instincts sometimes, doesn’t like to receive opinions.

Changes quite a bit throughout the story. Feels awkward, admits she’s wrong in certain situations, goes through a high amount of stress after what she’s been through, asks for help, tries to face something when she’s not ready and suffers the consequences.

Must seem lazy or petty without any need to.

And now here are some other random notes that will probably not make much sense since they’re isolated.

Doesn’t like to be late. Likes to be involved in an active job. Does not have many friends, doesn’t like watching too much tv, prefers cinema. Is a bit lazy. Needs to watch things and to make them in order to work comfortably. Likes to be impartial. It’s rare to get super excited. Doesn’t like to have a lot of responsibilities. Her mind often wanders, thinking about abstract things. Doesn’t like criticism. Rushes into action without thinking much. Improvises. Is very reserved. Doesn’t like to go to parties that much. Is callous with her time. Likes to be alone sometimes, more than what’s common. While she’s a rusher, is that even a word?, she takes her time doing things and might procrastinate. Focuses too much on details and fails sometimes to see the bigger picture. Doesn’t like to raise her voice. Wastes no time with big theories and stuff like that. Despite adapting easily, it takes some time to adjust to different people. Likes to analyze things, but doesn’t like surprises. Is rather disorganized and her workplace tends to be a mess. Hates big crowds. Has good self-control. Does not like theory. Likes to relax in quiet places, cares more about the now, doesn’t look in to the future too much. Thinks better rationally. Likes to experiment in work and does not stick to one single formula. Likes to enjoy herself. Has some trouble staying motivated without challenges, but is extremely focused when she has a task at hands. Tries to look at the positives. Isn’t very disciplined. Wants people to be polite, doesn’t want people to break her focus. Is tough. Tries to get closer to others by giving. Doesn’t care much for the right ay so long things get done. Needs to process her feelings sometimes. Does not bring life to the party. Worries about being isolated somewhat. Feels like there is something missing. Can be intimidating. Doesn’t compare herself with others. It’s difficult to get her depressed. Could be much more ambitious. Knows what’s wrong and how to fix it. Is partly suspicious of others due to her work with the Order. Hesitates sometimes as she is a bit afraid of what it might bring. When anxious she does something, like sports, to relax and bring herself back to normal.


And that’s that folks. What a ride, these have been probably the longest posts I’ve written. This is the Emilia of my notes. Feel free to ask questions if you want something else clarified, especially since I know there are some extra things I haven’t wrote about yet. Oh I’m also aware that there might be a couple of errors, but with this wall of text my eyes get tired easily, sorry about that.

Have a nice day!