Writing better

by juliusmsanz

I’ve been having one of those days and I think it’s the perfect time to start something new.

Writing is very centered around thinking, but when was the last time one has put true emotion in the story?

I’ve been trying to think about writing exercises for kids and how they can develop their skills, and it should apply to everybody. When I’m giving out lessons I always start from scratch. These writing exercises are not much more than creative writing, and, to me, creative writing is all about seeing and then expressing stuff.

So I want to start with the basics, and that implies closing one’s eyes and start picturing the sea, or something along those lines. We’re seeing the sea, probably seeing different colours, imagining different scenarios… Now imagine you’re in the water. How the water feels on your body. What do you smell? Are there any fish around? If so what kind? Are you listening to the sound of the waves? Is the sea calm or is there a storm? Is it day? Night? Sunrise or sunset?

Visualize all of that in your mind and when you’ve thought of all these questions and answered even more, only then, start writing with all your might.

I noticed that one of the most basic problems with writing is that we do not truly see what we are writing about. If you can’t picture the smells, the sounds, the taste…if you don’t see that you’ll be trying to wing your writing. When you start thinking about rooms, about specific items, you need to pay attention to the details, so that when the need arises you can evoke clear images. I always get a little bit confused when I’m trying to think of a room.

Where was the chair? Are there any plants? What is the first thing a person notices when they are entering the room?

And you have to keep your characters in mind for this, unless you’re writing in a different perspective. I know it sounds like a bit of work, but when you consider some of these things your writing will improve.

And this is it for now, as I’m still trying to find out of much of this new series I can work with, but you can expect more in the next couple of days. As I said, I’ll be alternating both series.

Have a nice day!