Holidays are overrated

by juliusmsanz

So here’s the reason I’ve been absent for almost a week: I had a chance to take some time off and I did it. Sorry about that. When I take my holidays I like to be away from my routine as much as I possibly can, but sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.

So many bad things have happened in the past 48 hours that it’s incredible.

I ruined my shoes, made a mess of my kitchen, ruined my own meal, got into two major arguments, one of which made me consider some of my work, injured one foot and one leg and much, much more.

It’s just unreal.

Which brings me to another topic: I love animals, I like dealing with them a whole lot more than people. Animals aren’t spiteful, they are more considerate than most human beings I know, they don’t cling to feelings of hatred or revenge…

I’ve been getting very disappointed, nothing new in my life, with people in general. Why lash out at others? Why blame others for our own mistakes? Why keep ignoring people that need our help? Why keep spreading lies? Why promote intrigue and hate?

I see it all the time, and it just reminded me how much I love animals. I was thinking about getting a puppy, this cuttest mutt that called me with her eyes, if you’re an animal person you know what I’m talking about, but unfortunately with my living conditions at the moment it is an impossible feat. It crushed me. Deeply. Hope that dog gets a deserving owner.

My last dog died 7 years ago, I was there when they gave her the final injection. Cancer. It was a sad, sad thing. It’s crazy how much our pets are part of our lives, when they pass away it’s as if a part of ourselves goes away too.

Enough with these mindless rants, I’m back, and so are my writing posts. I’m going to try to give you a writing post and a haiku a day, I’m not going to make any promises, and I don’t know how long will that last, but I’m going to try to keep going while keeping good quality.

Have a nice day!