Creating characters – ending?

by juliusmsanz

These posts keep getting harder because I get the feeling like there is almost nothing new to talk about.

Creating characters has been a long series, much longer than I expected, but I think I managed to convey my feelings about it in a rather serious fashion. I’ve shown a character I created, I’ve talked about personalities, about descriptions, about actions, I’ve talked a lot. I hope I managed to make sense. The only way to continue this series would be through character analysis, and what that means is that I take certain characters from works of fiction and dissect them for you, showing why certain characters can be good or bad. I’ve done a bit of that before, talking about Veronica Mars, but I feel that it can be explored further. Will it be useful? Don’t know. Enjoyable? Have no clue.

Truth be told when I read I don’t overanalyze anything, I follow the story and immerse myself in it. I like to use my imagination and visualize everything by myself, think that it brings me more joy when I’m reading. If I like a story I’ll read it again and again, just not immediately after. One of my personal favorites is Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges. The book contains various short stories that are designed to make you think and make your mind wander. Most of the stories aren’t focused on characters in the way I’ve talked about, but it appeals to the philosopher inside me.

I could also present you with other characters I’ve created and tell you why they are designed in such way. Come to think of it I haven’t done so for Emilia, the carpenter spy. Let’s talk a bit about her then. Emilia, like most of my characters, must be connected to something real and practical. This is connected to my distaste for office jobs and jobs that deal with abstract notions. They also appeal to the traditional, to a former way of life, like agriculture or something along those lines. Why do I do it? Believe it or not, it’s not on purpose. A character will often be written with the writer’s views in mind, and sometimes you can trace a patern after reading some books from the same author.

So what’s the path to take? Character analysis? My own character dissection? Something else entirely that you want my view on? Let me know and I’ll take your opinion into consideration.

Have a nice day!