A day off to discuss something

by juliusmsanz

I apologize in advance but I think that writing about this now will have the most benefits right now for me instead of writing about characters or anything else. That and the fact I still haven’t decided on how to continue my creating characters series.

After more than two and a half years of volunteer work I have decided to finally quit. And it’s all for the wrong reasons, because that toxic environment has finally got to me, and I don’t think I can take much more of that in the long run. It’s a funny thing, but I can’t laugh; I begin to wonder if I made the right decision, I don’t care about the big amount of money that I could have won working somewhere else instead, that was not the spirit when I got started, I don’t care about how people have been gossiping and badmouthing others, that’s part of the trade unfortunately; what I do care is if I managed to help and to make an impact. And I’m not too sure about it. It sends me to that Twilight Zone episode: The Changing of the Guard.

I tend to wallow in self-pity on these occasions. One of my character flaws.

I also don’t believe I’ll do any other sort of volunteer work in the future, it’ll add to my disappointment in this line of work. Will I miss on the chance of helping others? I’ll find another way, through donations or giving out food. So yeah this post is very much related to my previous couple of haikus, but such is the way I digest things. Maybe it’s because I expect too much out of people, I don’t know.

How can you connect with people that just don’t care? After all this time?

I’ll get over it eventually, but it will bother me, a lot.

With me two other people are also going to call it quits, leaving that place a mess; or a heaven to those who are power hungry and more than willing to create a bad environment for others.

So sorry about this post, I know most of you were expecting something related to writing, but as things are, I’m just not up for it today. A haiku will be posted shortly.

Have a nice day!