Writing Better – part 4

by juliusmsanz

On this post of writing better I’m going to focus on exploring. This is nothing new in this blog, but I feel that it might give you some sort of perspective.

I read manga and I like it. Why do I read manga? Mainly because it focuses on certain topics I never once considered as a form of entertainment. Ranging from veterinary, to comedy cooking, to trains, to agricultural schools, the possibilities are endless and they work on them, presenting somewhat good forms of media. In the West the situation is quite different because we are programmed to like certain things and everything else is counter culture or something of similar nature. What we consider as different is mainstream in the East, and that is because people understand that others have multiple interests. Everything is marketable and everything has a niche.

Now I’ll admit that there are only so many genres, but that doesn’t mean the topics need to remain the same.

Pratt-corto1Corto Maltese – one of my childhood heroes.


It’s true that when I started this blog many months ago the main focus would be on literature, but there are other mediums, like comic books, that can also be very focused on writing and plot and characters. Some western comics that I really like are Blake and Mortimer, Tintin, Corto Maltese. At the same time I admit that no matter how good they are, they are still limited by genres and topics. Where is the diversity? Where is the play with styles? Where are some completely different topics? Where are the different moral conflicts?

Let me give you the current scenario: you have a small portion of formulas that give more chances of success, but can lead to a market overflow, or you can change the tables and provide a wider range of material that have less chances of success and give different books or stories to people. Which one would you choose?

I understand that some people see writing mostly as a form of making more money, I’m cool with that, and everybody likes to make money; but isn’t writing art? Isn’t writing one of the purest forms of expressing oneself? Can you really charge or keep thinking too much about making the big bucks when you’re writing what you feel?

Most starting writers feel they need to stick to the money making formulas, but sometimes you can find money and satisfaction innovating. Plus, it’s never a sure thing anyways, so why not try and see what works best for you?

Another haiku coming up shortly, or maybe a quote, who knows? Stay tuned and have a nice day!