Dark Paintings by Goya

by juliusmsanz

Recently I took the time to watch the Dark Paintings by Goya.


His paintings are tremendous.


It almost feels like he was in a Lovecraftian setting, or those paintings represent that. I obviously know that Goya came first, but that was my first impression. These are just three of the collection of 14 paintings, some say there are actually 15, but it’s subject to debate.

Viejos comiendo sopa - goya

If you’re working on a dark story, something that needs to evoke certain feelings, then take a look at these, maybe you’ll draw some inspiration from them. Yesterday I wrote about where I draw my story material, but completely forgot about how art can inspire other art forms, it’s all connected after all.

This is all for today my friends, maybe a haiku or a quote later on.

Have a nice day!