Serial Experiments Lain – a small review

by juliusmsanz


For those of you who don’t know Serial Experiments Lain was an anime that ran in 1998. Now I’m sure many of you are wondering: what the hell is this guy talking about?

First of all let me tell you that when I first saw the opening I wasn’t very impressed and dismissed it as something childish and immature. Boy was I wrong. Serial Experiments Lain is serious and deals with very interesting themes. It’s like Ergo Proxy, another anime from 2006. What do both of these have in common? They deal with technology and its implications. Obviously it’s much more than that, but I want to focus on that aspect for this review.

ergo proxy(Ergo Proxy – Deals with a lot of Descartes)

We are dealing with massive development of technology these days, it seems as if every day there is something new and exciting coming up, something that can improve our previous computers, or replace our phones, all that stuff. And yet, in this massive world of communication we seem to withdraw more and more from the outside world. We are surrounded and alone at the same time. What long-term effects this can have on society and human beings is still somewhat of a question mark. Isolation is a serious problem, and sometimes I wonder just how much this huge amount of technology is actually helping mankind. People also show and develop other personalities in the process.

Cries for help over the internet are becoming more and more frequent and some even encourage suicide. Just how desensitized are people getting?

And now I seem to be forgetting the point of this review. Both Serial Experiments Lain and Ergo Proxy are very interesting anime if you are interested in philosophy, dark ambience and a good experience. They are just odd. Some might find it confusing, and I don’t blame them, but I don’t think that alone should prevent you from experiencing some of the most thinking-based animations I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Now another question that has been popping up in my mind is this: when will I give writing advice again? Probably as soon as tomorrow. Enjoy a Haiku in a few hours.

Have a nice day!