Writing better – part 6

by juliusmsanz

Sorry about not writing anything yesterday, but migraines have been destroying me. This time I’m going to talk about something completely different, but still related to writing.

A few years ago I tried to write something different, and I still am trying, although I’m filtering projects. There are so many ideas and so little time to sit down and properly write something slightly decent. What I’m talking about is scripts.

Scriptwriting for me was a challenge, and I’ve been cowering and hiding from it for a long, long time. I still don’t know if I was using the right perspective. The thing with writing scripts from scratch is: you have to clearly see what you are doing. I tried my best to visualize myself watching what I was writing and it felt weird.

First of all you need scriptwriting software, doing spacing and figuring out how to write scenes and all that stuff is just too damn tiring. With software you just click the buttons and insert your text right 100% of the time, there is no need for double checking. I don’t know if you can get some for free, but all you have to do is search.

Next up you need to figure out how your story is going to play out. You no longer have to write every little detail, you don’t have to insert trivia you might find funny, you don’t have to digress for several pages about the simple stuff. According to TV rules, and if I’m not mistaken, one page counts roughly as one minute, so you have to make things count.

When writing scripts you also need to start and end scenes properly. If you go on and change perspective or the location, you need to make all those changes in the script. I suppose all these things can make scriptwriting a much more boring writing experience. At least for me they make it a painful experience.

While I can write more about this subject, I can only provide a rookie experience, and I would compare it to writing a play, but probably much more detailed. Writing scripts means you have to look at things from a different perspective, you have to consider characters more careful and you need to move the plot using faster speed. You probably also need to take other things into consideration, like character types and faster subplots, but I can’t offer you much more on that topic.

Bottom line: scriptwriting is a whole new monster, but it can be a challenging experience if you are after something different.

Hope I shed some light into the subject. A haiku should be coming up soon.

Have a nice day!