I’m back!

by juliusmsanz

So here I am, after over two months of absence.

How have you all been doing?

Some things happened over these couple of months; I got a new lab puppy, I found out that my neck, which was giving me tons of troubles, was in pretty bad shape and had to do some therapy to relieve some of the pain. I also defined new life goals, quit doing voluntary work in that organization that was screwing me over, turned into a minimalist and much, much more.

I’m not going to write about writing in this post, although I’m gunning for a release by some time next month. This post I’m going to talk about some crap I’ve read a couple of days ago.

As I kept getting more and more into minimalism I bumped into a site written by a guy whose name I won’t mention that had some hateful views on women. I’m all about cutting expenses and increasing my happiness, I’m all about knowing that some things we use are pretty pointless and how we could eat better for less and all that.

What I’m not about is saying that a good wife is one that can cook and should stick to the kitchen. I think that as a species we have evolved beyond those draconian thoughts. I’m not going to spew what I think a good wife is, each has his preferences, the same goes for women and what they think a good husband or a man is. Some people value material possessions, others value status, that’s ok, go for what you think is best and make sure you don’t regret it.

Just don’t try to influence others with that sort of information and that sort of alpha mentality. Writing is a dangerous thing, we never know how it is going to influence others. So when I see some of that crap I go: damn, here we go again, plenty of people agreeing without taking a moment to think. And it was such a shame because in other points he raised some interesting questions.

And then he talks about quitting your job.

Quit your job without any plan and see what happens you idiot.

While it is true that jobs are risky and you can get fired in any moment, they still provide better financial security than trying to make some money out of the internet. Let’s imagine every single person followed that train of thought.

What about food?

What about furniture and houses?

What about tools, and things you actually need for your every day activities?

Don’t quit if you don’t have any plan to get back on track. While I approve of trying to get some extra income, you should be careful and also take advantage of your free time. Why would you need to get another job? Do something you love. If it gets you something extra then that’s a plus, if not then it’s ok. But don’t forget to work, it’s important.

Enough with this rant. I’m back and tomorrow expect me to be more on topic.

Have a great day!