Take advantage of what you have

by juliusmsanz

Wow, is that title specific or what?

If you are reading my blog then you probably have an interest in writing, and what that means is that you have already tried to get something done. If you have been following me and taking notice of some of the advice I try to give then you also know what to do and have several pointers on how to at least take characters into consideration when writing a story. You probably know even more than me.

But here’s a handy tip: use what you have.

Your first tries are bound to be a disappointment, I’ve failed in my first attempts all the time, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved.

There are drafts where you can only salvage a sentence, some where you got most of it the way you want it, but need a bit of development or better pacing in some sections. If you write flash fiction the work gets easier and easier.

The more you have written, the more you can rummage through, the more you can use. Say you have a story with 70.000 words, start cutting and correcting the parts you don’t like. Odds are you’ll get a nice finished product at the 40.000 word mark. It takes some time, sure, but if you like the story hours will fly by.

Using my minimalism I found out at least half a dozen stories that I want to revise and make better. Knowing what I know it won’t be too hard to make them better and even get them sold. To think they were hidden away, and most likely would have been discarded like trash…

And using what you have also has a comedy side to it. You’ll laugh at some of the crazy ideas you had and how badly written they were. I know I laughed a lot these past couple of days.

Start searching and reading your discarded drafts, you never know when you’ll find a hidden gem.

Have a great day!