Lose that complex

by juliusmsanz

What complex?

You know it.

That little voice inside the head of every writer. The one that says you’re not good enough, the one that says you’ll never get published, the one that says you wrote that thing the wrong way.

The inferiority complex that just makes you think you are a poor writer.

We writers are a fickle bunch, we are constantly revising and rewriting. We have all these doubts, these anxieties, we tend to be overtly emotional. Or maybe it’s just me.

Now I’m not saying that questioning your work is a bad thing, if not there would be some awful stories out there, but you have to be able to lift yourself. We eagerly show our works to others and get offended if they don’t get it, or get upset if they laugh at something that should not be laughed at, or when we feel the need to explain something that others didn’t truly understand.

Truth be told the only poor writers are the lazy, complacent ones.

First of all learn to take these things in stride; we often forget that these people, the ones that aggravate us so, took the time to actually read our works. That takes up time out of their schedule. Maybe they had something to do; maybe they wanted to go somewhere. Don’t be ungrateful, take all the criticism, consider if it’s truly worth it, and move on.

And then it’s like I wrote yesterday.

This isn’t a competition, and if you wish to compare then it’s your own damn fault. Sorry for being brutally honest here, but that’s how I feel. Do you sometimes need to compare works? Sure, it has to be done to make sure you aren’t inadvertently copying the work of another.

And let’s not forget that art has always been and will always be subjective. One person might love what another might hate. If you beat yourself up for something like that you’re just being silly.

So stop making yourself feel smaller than you are, it is just a waste of time.

This is all I have for today, have a great one!