A little review?

by juliusmsanz

After 3 days of absence, and I didn’t wish to leave you 3 days without my posts, I come to talk a bit about some political books.

No, I’m not a conspiracy nut.

The three books are: Watership Down, 1984 and Animal Farm.

What do they talk about: politics mostly, and brutality and the ever watching Big Brother. And one fact that remains true is this: all of it is still happening today. We all live in a world that watches our every move whether we like it or not.

It’s interesting to see the representations of these dystopias.

Out of all three I think that 1984 holds the biggest appeal and the most interesting plot. When we think about pigs, farm animals and rabbits it’s easy to forget about how these things happened all around the world, and still are to some degree. But 1984 tells it like it is. And not only that, it shows us how it is done. 1984 isn’t afraid to smack you around and make you think after a while. It raises valid questions:

What are the governments hiding from us?

Are we being sheep with our passive attitude?

Look at the case of China. A couple of years ago I saw a documentary concerning what happened 20 years after the massacre of Tiananmen Square. Nobody talks about it, most youngsters don’t even know what happened, police surveillance stops investigations. So this generation of chinese don’t have a clue about the repression that their government committed. They were brainwashed completely.

We tend to look only at the cases of the oppressive regimes, but I’m sure people are made to forget events and people and dates everywhere in the world. Give it time, give it some falsification, stick those lies in education and in a few years’ time everything is forgotten. History is written by the winners after all.

The passive and consumerist population will accept everything eventually.

Such thing was portrayed in 1984, some situations actually made me laugh. Big Brother might not exist in the way it was portrayed in the story, but I honestly think it exists, through certain actions, through certain policies… it is there my friends.

Now back to the books: they are all great and I highly recommend them. There’s really no way to describe them and to review them properly, nor do I feel like writing some long descriptions and reviews. I know, I know, I’m a lazy bastard.

Have a great day!