by juliusmsanz

So why haven’t I posted in the last couple of days?

The same reason I lost a big draft that I’ll never recover again.


Now I know that without technology we wouldn’t be chatting around over here and all that stuff, but sometimes you are counting on something and then it fails you badly.

Computer problems ladies and gentlemen, how often do we have them?

How much do we rely on our technology?

I remember the atmosphere surrounding the potential Y2K situation. People were going crazy over it because at the time we were so tech dependant that millions of lives could be ruined. And in this day and age, 14 years later, we rely on technology even more. Kids no longer run around in their bikes, they prefer to play with their Playstation 3’s and 4’s. Obviously this could lead to a big problem.

I don’t know, maybe I was born in the wrong age, maybe I would have felt better one hundred or two hundred years ago, because I honestly don’t like the direction we are taking.

Or maybe I’m just blowing steam that acumulated over the past couple of days.

Tomorrow I’ll probably feel a lot better.

Have a great day!