All-Star Week – Day 4

by juliusmsanz

The funniest thing ever: I realized only now that instead of star I wrote start in the title in the previous post. I won’t change it now.

Unfortunately I won’t bring you a story today, as my puppy is still feeling a bit sick, and I’ve been lacking the time to put things into writing, the proper form at least.

What I want to say is that the foundation for my book has been set and I’ve been playing around with certain ideas for the plot. The first few steps of character creation are also done; tomorrow they should be all finished.

This project has been energizing me more and more as time goes by, and I think that a realistic release date can be set to be around the last few days of November.

It has a different setting and plot that what I’m used to, and I’m starting things from scratch, it’s great to work on something new after being away from writing for so long. I just hope it all pays off. Here comes my dramatic persona setting in, ahah.

So this is just a small update as I keep on trying to get things done is this chaotic environment.

Maybe I should post daily updates on how my story is moving along, giving you a glimpse of how I work. It’s up to you. If you don’t want it I’m pretty sure I’m capable of thinking of something else.

Time to think about a title now, I know it should be the last thing to do when writing, but like I told you, I’m feeling pretty excited.

Have a great day, and expect chapter 3 or another piece of flash fiction tomorrow!