All-Star week – Day 5

by juliusmsanz

Since I’ve been having a couple of really bad days at work and things have been hectic at home, I cannot get you the things I’ve wanted to give you. I’m giving you today the setup of a horror flash fiction story that I was writing in the last couple of days. One more day or so, and this story could have been completed and been really nice, but life is life.

First of I want to clarify one little point. In the last post I wrote that my story would be released late November. The reason I’m feeling pretty confident I can do so is because this story has been in my mind for at least a couple of months and I already have a rough outline of how I want the story to move along. Truth is, I don’t think you can come up with an idea all of a sudden and start writing off the bat. Things don’t work that way, and there are still plenty of revisions and cuts to be done, that takes up a lot of time, and I do mean a lot of time; then there’s editing and all that jazz. Truth is, since I’m a bit used to how these things are done, I don’t have to waste a lot of time. But you need hundreds, if not thousands of hours to make something at least decent, if you’re going for something over 40,000 words. I’m working a lot of hours into this, and I’m also not looking for that volume, I’m looking for something a little bit shorter. That’s why I’m giving you this release date

Now that this was made somewhat clear, let me give you the first part of this other story.


Throughout the years people come to understand that, while altruism is a good thing, it is never wise to get too involved in other people’s business.
What is it that they say? Curiosity killed the cat?

Joseph Martinez, or Joe for his close friends, was washing the seventh floor of the building when he saw it happen.
His shift wasn’t even halfway, or better yet, Winston’s shift in all honesty. He agreed to change shifts in return for a favor, and one never knew when a favor was needed. Joe would find a way to make that favor count when it mattered the most, like he always did.
But why was there any activity in the building at three o’clock in the morning? There had been no talk about an acquisition, no talk about a big project, and he knew that the time for having casual sex in the bathrooms was long past. And yet he had seen the shadow move about twenty cubicles away from him.
There was a lot of things Joe knew about the company, he knew that a couple of temps were stealing, he knew who was smoking weed during office hours and where their stash was, he knew what the majority of the people thought about their supervisors, he knew who the boss was going to axe before they knew it, he even knew the combination to the hidden safe in the main office. Those were the perks, he knew what was going to happen in the company before it happened in the real world, and he made a little bit of extra money in stocks. Actually he was also making money with favors, and that’s why he never turned away from favors. But that wasn’t the time to think about favors or what he knew, for what it mattered was what he didn’t know.

Hope you’re enjoying these gifts, have a great day!