Just getting it done

by juliusmsanz

The hardest part of writing is getting started.

As I sit here and ponder how I’m going to start my first paragraph I know I’m just creating obstacles. Every single question is slowing me down and, believe it or not, my mind is actually racing.

But they’re just excuses.

In January I remember giving out an interesting aspect of how I usually do my writing, and I’ll try to repeat it: just machine gun the damn words.

Everybody has their own pace, but I know myself pretty well, I know that some people can write 1000 words a day and they are happy; I can only be happy if I write at least 1200 words per hour. I prefer 1500 per hour to be honest.

That’s my pace.

It comes with plenty of disadvantages, the main one being that it will feel disconnected and full of mistakes. But I do that because if I mind every single spelling mistake I make, every little comma out of place, I’ll never get my share done by the end of the day.

I find that, and this is just my personal opinion, you need to finish your first draft as quickly as possible. You take too much time and then the story won’t quite flow; it’s easy to insert this and that and take a bit of time to admire that one perfect sentence, but then your drive will slowly fade. And once your draft is finished you can rest for a while, let it stew, replenish your energies after giving every ounce and fiber of your being. Because you’re going to need to apply all that energy again for revisions.

So, back to my first point, I know I’m making excuses. Maybe I just want to laze around, maybe I think the work will get done eventually. But that’s wrong. You want that sense of urgency, you want to work as fast as possible and get those ideas somehow mixed in the story; it doesn’t matter if they aren’t connected, what matters is getting those 20000 or 40000 or 70000 words done; whatever it takes to finish your story.

Get it done.


Otherwise your friends will be asking a year from now if your story is done and you’ll still have it halfway done stored away somewhere.

That is all for today, have a great one!