Things change, deal with it

by juliusmsanz

About a year or so ago I almost finished one of my stories. It focused on a core group of three people and was intended for a younger audience, a bit like Nancy Drew mysteries or the stories of Enid Blyton. I looked at it and most of it stood the test of time, maybe I’ll pick it up again and finish it in a couple of months.

At the same time I was writing a much more complicated story that featured a constant entry of new characters and that was darker and edgier. I figured it could last a bunch of books and I would enjoy writing about it. That story is now gone.

I’ll never know if the latter series would have been a success, but I was planting the seeds to failure. I know it because writing a piece with so many characters would have made me lose sight of the plot and how the story would have developed.

Am I weeping for having wasted plenty of time and brain cells? No.

With writing you have to keep moving forward and always expect the unexpected. I get cool ideas, at least I think they’re cool, all the time. Sometimes I just have to compare things and make sure I’m following the right path. If you know deep inside you that what you are writing right now will not lead to good results then you just move on to your next idea. Maybe sometime down the line you’ll look back and figure out how to make things work properly with that story.

The same applies to your writing schedule. I’ll give you an example that happened today. My puppy got sick and I was really worried, yeah it seems like I didn’t pick the healthiest dog around, so I skipped my workload. I had more than 6000 words planned for today, but I don’t care. I’ll just have to make the workload heavier for a few days to compensate this little happening.

Keep working hard and have a great day!