Writing Experiments

by juliusmsanz

What I’m about to discuss here is my new way of doing things and the results so far that it has presented me.

As you might know I’m in the short story state of mind and that obviously has its challenges. I have over ten, probably over fifteen stories that I intend to collect and obviously I have to focus on multiple stories at the same time.

Now how do you work on multiple stories at the same time?

What I have been doing is simple: I write the first part of a story, say around 500 words, sometimes more, and after that point I move on towards the next story. And I do this on and on and on. Some of the benefits include the fact that you don’t need to overcomplicate things and basically set the tone for the story you’ll work on later. I knew very well how tirying it can get to get more than a couple of thousand words in a row if you aren’t particularly motivated, but working this way you feel fresh most of the time.

Short stories can have, but usually won’t, a big cast of characters. Within those 500 words you have just enough to characterize your main characters, set the tone and begin introducing the mystery or the idea.

Just the other day I started seven stories in a flash.

The other interesting point is that when you come back to the story, you won’t have to read dozens of pages to recapture the style you were using, to continue to use the same type of language, and many more setbacks.

Now what you’d do next is write the main part of the story, develop the idea properly, advance the plot (if there is any), and keep on working towards the ending.

The endings work just like the beginnings, all you have to do is finish the story in one go and move on towards the other stories you need to finish.

This method has, so far, given me mixed results.

One of the main problems has been recapturing the magic I felt when I was starting them, I work more with the ending in sight and some of the stories tend to become a bit flat in terms of richness. Now this isn’t a problem per se, when you start writing you are just creating a draft, but it has given me some headaches.

Short stories can be easy to write, but they have to properly express the idea or point you are trying to convey, and that’s where the focus should be. It’s a bit difficult to know where to stop.

What do you do when writing short stories?

Hope I gave you something to ponder about today.

Have a great one!