Figuring things out

by juliusmsanz

I think one of the biggest problems most people face when thinking about writing a book is not that they have nothing to say, but more they don’t know how to properly do it.

I’ve been tutoring students for quite some time and their main difficulty lies in understanding that comprehension beats memorization by miles. To understand how something happened leads to many other things that you can connect to, making learning easier. Instead they prefer to memorize things from the textbooks and get confused the moment they miss one word. It’s like they draw a blank on the spot.

When you’re writing a story, any kind of story really, you just have to picture the beginning and the end and connect the dots brainstorming and using your imagination. You can start a story with one word or two words. Writers in general can come up with a story using the words tiger and summer. They can write short stories, longer stories, the results vary because they connect the dots in a completely different manner. One writer might imagine an adventure, another a thriller, a horror story, anything really, even a romantic comedy.

Non-writers, and by this I mean people who just won’t sit down and commit to writing, can’t figure a story, or just use bland, generic plots. I made a competition with one of my students the other day and I just found it ammusing how it took him quite a while to get started and in the end present me with something bland and uninspiring. What did I do? I let my imagination fly and the dots connect themselves, it didn’t take me long to write even more than the word limit I imposed and I had to stop the story abruptly.

Obviously there is more than this when story writing is concerned, but I think the main point has been made: you just have to figure out creative ways to get things done and truly commit to what you’re doing.

How can you tell if your writing needs improvement? You compare it to other works, the style used, how the author managed to convey an idea… but first you need to figure things out for yourself. Everybody fails when writing for the first time, it’s just a matter of keep working on it.

Sorry about the short post, but this is how things are when Sundays are concerned.

Have a great day!